How to Choose Artwork That Will Beautify Your Home or Office


Have you ever watched one of those “home makeover” TV shows? The ones where close friends or relatives contact the show and tell how much the person, usually a woman, has done and why she deserves to have her home made over?


The results are always beautiful and they make the woman very happy. Then the show tells how much was spent for the makeover. Only $10,000 to do a bedroom. Or maybe $25,000 for a living and dining room. In every case, the show says that their budget was tight.


How Can You Add Artwork to Your World?


Switching now to your world, can you afford to spend this much on single rooms in your home? You may not even wish to do the extensive changes that these shows often do.


However, you enjoy artwork and would like to place it in your home so you may view it every day. Would you purchase new art but need advice on how and where to hang it? Would you also like suggestions about what you may add to a room, for example, new pillows or a rug to tie in the colors of the artwork with the furniture?


Sharyn Bowman Arts Can Help You


If you are someone seeking artwork and such advice, Sharyn Bowman Arts may be able to help you. For every piece of artwork purchased, Sharyn offers the option of design advice to place the piece in your home or office in a way that will accentuate the beauty of the art and enhance the overall appearance of the room.


Examples of Sharyn’s artwork are shown in the slideshows and individual images on these pages.  You will find more in the galleries on this website. Please enjoy them!