How to Choose Artwork That Will Beautify Your Home or Office

Have you ever seen one of those “home makeover” TV shows? You know: the ones where close friends or family reach out, tell the host why their loved one deserves to have their house made over more than anyone?


The results are always incredibly beautiful, and they make the person receiving the services very happy. But then the show tells how much the makeover cost. Only $10,000 to do a bedroom. Or maybe $25,000 for a living and dining room. And it seems that the show looks at this as a "tight budget"...


How Can You Beautify your house affordably in the Real World?

If you enjoy artwork, and would like to beautify your home, Sharyn Bowman Arts is who you're looking for! Did you purchase new art, but need advice on how and where to hang it? Would you like suggestions on what you to add to a room to give it that stylish swagger it so desparately needs?

Are you looking to find some new pillows or a rug to tie in the colors of the artwork and enhance the overall look and interior design of your house?


Sharyn Bowman Arts Can Help You!

If you're seeking advice on artwork and how to beautify your home, Sharyn Bowman Arts may be able to help you! For every piece of artwork that you purchase from this site, Sharyn offers the option of design advice that will place the piece in your home or office in a way that will accentuate the beauty of the art and enhance the overall appearance of the room.


Examples of Sharyn’s artwork are shown in the slideshows and individual images on these pages.  You will find more in the galleries on this website.

Please enjoy, and if you would like to purchase, please Contact Sharyn!