Open Edition Info

 What Are Open Edition Prints?

If a print is not numbered (like those described under Limited Edition Prints), it is considered Open Edition. This means that an unlimited number of prints may be made of the same image. Open edition prints are usually priced lower than limited edition prints.

If a print is open edition, it does not necessarily mean that it is a print of lesser quality than a limited edition print. It means only that the artist wishes to print an unlimited number of the same image for more widespread usage.

Many of my photographs, including the open edition ones, are in black and white. I began photography with my own darkroom and find a lot of beauty in black and white images.

However, there are times when the subject has a greater impact if viewed in color. When this is the case, I will create a color photograph.

I do not offer the same image as a digital painting and a digital photograph.

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