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I use precious metals, gemstones and art glass to create my jewelry.  I love combining these to make my own designs that become beautiful pieces of elegant artwork.

I use fine silver and sterling silver in my jewelry.  Fine silver is pure silver.  Sterling silver is an alloy of fine silver and a base metal, usually copper, that is added to the pure silver to make it harder and stronger.  The copper in sterling silver is what causes the black tarnish to form.  Fine silver tarnishes less and very slowly.

I use many types of gemstones, both natural and man-made.  I also use Swarovski crystals in my jewelry.  In addition, I design art glass pieces of my own using dichroic and other types of glass.

Here are descriptions of some of my pieces.  If you’re looking at my website, you will find the name of the piece in the stone’s caption.  Please enjoy.

Butterfly Amethyst Cubic Zirconia Silver Necklace*

This piece features a beautiful butterfly made of lustrous fine silver. It flutters to new adventures on wings adorned with classic, cultivated cubic zirconia in amethyst and champagne. Natural amethyst beads known for their wonder and ancient mystery are pleasing to the eye and match perfectly with tiny, alternating sterling silver beads.

The sterling silver chain binds it all together into an elegant arrangement for the butterfly lover. Necklace $250.  Earrings $55/pair.

Flowers Jasper Silver Necklace*

An oval pendant crafted from shimmering, fine sliver features a lovely floral design, while the natural Jasper stone accents the uniqueness of this piece. Jasper, derived from the Greek word for “spotted stone” makes this pendant truly one of a kind.

The sterling silver chain binds it all together in a simple, yet flattering work of art. Necklace $250. Earrings $55/pair.

Druzy Jasper Silver Necklace*

Three druzy stones glitter and sparkle atop this oblong pendant of silver which features a stone of jasper as well. Tiny crystals coat and create this colorful display. Natural, hand-crafted, and distinctive are just some of the words that best describe this piece.

The silver chain adorned with iridescent gemstones and sterling silver beads creates the perfect piece for any occasion.   Necklace $235.

Green Abalone Sterling Silver Necklace*

Green abalone gives the effect of calming blue waters and mystical mosaics on this silver pendant. Eye catching Swarovksi crystals highlight the pendant in a timeless, graceful creation that is sure to please those with glamourous tastes.

A simple, sterling silver chain and silver beads accent this contemporary style.  Necklace $185.  Earrings $55/pair.

Blue Larimar Sterling Silver Necklace*

A rare blue larimar stone bejewels this sterling silver pendant. Larimar, also known as the Dolphin Stone, is distinctively exquisite and sure to become your favorite.

The sterling silver chain is accented with delicate blue and green fluorite beads and tiny silver beads for a completely perfect hand-designed creation.                Necklace $185. Earrings $55/pair.

Pink Crazy Daisy Agate Sterling Silver Necklace*

An agate stone is known for its protective and healing qualities. But in this piece, the pink crazy daisy stone is simply elegant. And, its distinctive tear drop shape and striking colors will garner attention for those who wear it.

The silver pendant and chain are accented with rose quartz and Swarovski crystals which make this find exceptionally fashionable.  Necklace $185. Earrings $55/pair.

Black and White Agate Sterling Silver Necklace*

This timeless black and white agate stone is both breathtaking and versatile. The bejeweled pendant envelops this stone and makes this piece both charming and chic. Fashionable and exceptional.

A sleek and elegant sterling silver chain radiates Swarovski crystals and tiny silver beads.  Necklace $185.  Earrings $55/pair.

Purple Agate Sterling Silver Necklace*

For a more modern look, these square-shaped, unique charms will dazzle. A sterling silver chain holds the flattering bracelet together and makes this selection bold, beautiful, and utterly elegant.  Necklace $185.

Butterfly Sterling Silver Cuff*

Butterflies are known to awaken feelings of joy and lightness and that’s what you’ll experience with this butterfly cuff made of graceful sterling silver. The intricately patterned band makes this a timeless choice.  Cuff $135.

Sterling Silver Circular Charm Bracelet*

A classic charm bracelet is perfect for all occasions and this one is no exception. Circular sterling silver charms make this an eye-catching find. While a feminine sterling silver chain gives this a one-of-a-kind vintage appeal.  Bracelet $125.

Sterling Silver Rectangular Charm Bracelet*

For a more modern look, these rectangular, unique charms will dazzle. A sterling silver chain holds the flattering bracelet together and makes this selection bold, beautiful, and utterly elegant.  Bracelet $125.

Dichroic Art Glass Pins*

Dichroic Glass changes color with different shades of light and that makes each pin truly unique. The glass artwork shimmers and radiates light as you wear it.

Truly stunning colors atop a silver plated pen make you the envy of any occasion. Dichroic art glass pin $35.

*One of a Kind

Each piece of my jewelry is handcrafted. The gemstones and art glass I use are unique.  Stones, colors and patterns in the silver may vary from the image you see on this website.  Although I can design pieces that are very similar, no two will be exactly the same.  If you see an image of a particular piece, please ask me if that piece is still available.  If not, I can work with you to create a similar piece that is also beautiful!

Contact Me!

I do not have a store on my website.  If you would like to discuss investing in jewelry or other artwork, or have any other questions, please Contact me and we will be able to discuss this easily.