Artist's Statement

Artist’s Statement

I create handcrafted jewelry, fine art photographs and digital paintings that bring forth emotional reactions from you. When my visual representation of a subject stirs your emotions, I feel I have accomplished something special.

After years creating photographs and paintings, I decided last year that I wanted to expand into wearable art. I chose jewelry design and handcrafting. There is much crossover in all the arts. But I needed to learn the techniques of jewelry handcrafting. I will be debuting my Spring/Summer Jewelry Collection in April, 2018!

I am developing a body of work in Asian brush paintings. These digital images are in color and black and white. They depict beautiful flowers in the traditional watercolor Asian brush style.

I began my career as a photographer. My photographer's point of view drives my decision making when selecting subjects for my art. I enjoy the clarity of photography but also appreciate the flowing beauty of painting. 

I have an ongoing body of work featuring long exposure photographs of seas and oceans.  I chose this subject because these large bodies of water bring diverse emotional responses from many people.  The bodies of water may be oceans, bays or rivers.  They may have rocky, grassy or sandy beaches. In addition to water, I also love to show the delicate cloud patterns in the skies that I am able to capture by using long exposure.

Please enjoy my artwork by visiting my galleries on this website. I hope that you can see the love and care that I give to each piece!